Presenters and Classes

Meet our presenters for Kink on the River 2018

Miss Chris-

6 feet tall, with big hair, a big smile and an even bigger right hand, Miss Chris has been an independent Professional Disciplinarian for 10+ years. Operating out of her Phoenix metro area play space, and traveling extensively throughout the country and the world, she offers men, women, couples and groups the opportunity to engage in spanking play in a safe, sane and consensual manner.

Having many names including, The “Queen of Correction”, The “Woman Whose Arm Doesn’t Tire”, The “Domin-nurtrix of Discipline”, The “Lady of the Ample Lap”, and “Spanker (Mother) Superior”, she exploded onto the scene in 2006. Not only one to delve into her private sessions, she attended every class, every conference, every party she could.​

While she was honing her skills and building her extensive collection of outfits, implements and role play accessories, she was busy establishing herself as an internationally recognized Alternative Lifestyle Educator who has had the pleasure to criss cross the globe, presenting on a wide variety of topics, but focusing primarily on “spank-u-cation”. Her travels have taken her to far flung locations like the Caribbean, Thailand, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Canada and Britain to share her passion for spanking and discipline. Watching the light bulb go off for someone, or hearing they used a technique she taught them is virtually a fetish for her all on it’s own!


  • Domestic Style Discipline

    Spankings, forced bedtime, mouth soaping, lists, and contracts galore! Welcome to the world of Domestic Style Discipline! Whether it’s a role play you want to explore, or a relationship paradigm you wish to create, this presentation will span the infinite possibilities. We’ll chat about all the different ways to punish domestically (think spankings, enemas, line writing, early bedtimes and forced chores), but we’ll also talk about DD based relationships, where the Dominant (Head of Household) and submissive (taken in hand) partners have rules and protocols to follow for self growth, to create a harmonious home, and/or to move the relationship forward in a positive way. Different teachings and methods will be used for illustration (i.e. Learning Domestic Discipline, the Spencer Spanking Plan, Christian based Domestic Discipline, or the Disciplinary Wives Club). Finally, a step by step process will be presented that anyone can follow to add Domestic Discipline into their lives and play. Come find out how versatile and important the D in BDSM truly is!


  • Strips, Straps & Strops-

    Whoosh! CRACK! Very satisfying when it hits flesh. It’s typically made from one of our communities favorite materials, LEATHER. It’s a favored implement of motivation, punishment, and one of the original “pervertables”. The strap is one of the most versatile, but underutilized impact play toys in our world. You’ve seen many of them being sold, and you most likely have one in your toy bag. The humble strap isn’t as flashy or feared as other major implements of punishment and discipline; however prisoners in Arkansas in the early 60’s might disagree.

     In the first part of this class, you will be introduced to all the major kinds of strips, straps and strops in use today, with a wee bit of corporal punishment history attached. A how-to section comes next, with a few demos, and some tips and tricks on how to aim and throw a strap. Finally, bring your own straps and partners to practice on during the hands on portion (demo straps will be available if you don’t have your own, and solo audience members may choose to be paired up for practice). A PowerPoint presentation, and links to the best strap purveyors in the world will be available for download after the class.


BDSM is a major part of my life. Ever since my first munch, I have been active in both play and education within the community. I currently organize the Denver Sanctuary Tuesday and Thursday TNG parties. Additionally, I also manage the presenters for the same party.

Every year, I volunteer at Thunder in the Mountains. This year (2018), I will do the same job I did last year which is Assistant Vendor Director.

I counsel new couples (and singles) who are interested in BDSM but don’t know where to start. Often times, new individuals are referred to me and I do my best to provide the most accurate information I can.

In addition, I give talks at colleges and universities on behalf of the student committees or the psychology department. I also present on various BDSM topics that include forced orgasms and electrical play.




    Actively playing with something your parents told you not to, electricity. Includes toys and safety. Additionally, includes a demo during the class. For those of us who stuck our fingers into electrical outlets and liked it, electricity can be used in a multitude of ways, both pain, and pleasure.



    In this class, we delve into the non-traditional forms of pet play. Everyone knows puppies, ponies and kitties, however, there are a slew of other animals that are represented in the kinky kingdom. For example, Switch Jake sometimes attends events as a squirrel. It is difficult to make kinksters do a double take, but dressing as a squirrel achieves this! Come learn about the vast array of non-traditional animals and let your wild side be free!